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If you are looking for a classic and timeless toy, you can’t go wrong with a wooden rocking horse.

The wooden rocking horse has been entertaining children for hundreds of years. Although this may be a very traditional and classic toy, it is still immensely popular.

There are many reasons a wooden rocking horse is so fun and popular.

Riding on a rocking horse made of wood is about as close as babies and toddlers can get the real thing. As the child pushes and pulls back and forth they rock on the horse and simulate a motion similar to actually riding on a real horse. Kids love the rocking motion and can ride toys like this for hours.

The wooden rocking horse is also a great form of exercise for a growing child. It helps kids learn balance and is very good for motor skill development.

This type of a toy made of various different types of woods is often simple in its design and looks great in a nursery or child’s room as a piece of furniture that enhances any decor.

Because they are made of wood and not plastic, rocking horses like these are very durable and often will last for years. They are not likely to break as often as their plastic counterparts. The design is also simple with not many parts. That can also lead to a long life and a good value.

These are crafted with various types of hard wood, polished and finished so they are smooth and safe to use. Some are adorned with yarn or cloth material to simulate the main and tail of the horse.
Depending on the age of the child intended for the horse, some have seats with backs. Others have no back designed for older toddlers.

Because of its durability and classic design a wooden rocking horse is something that likely can be passed on from generation to generation as it becomes a family heirloom.

The Difference Between  the Wooden Rocking Horse and the Plush Rocking Horse

If you are looking for a rocking horse today you will find two different types: the wooden version and the plush variety.

A plush rocking horse is a more contemporary style. It generally has a wooden or plastic frame but that is covered by soft plush stuffing. The horses in this style often also make sounds and offer music. They are colorful and are shaped to resemble cute and horse characters that kids want to hug as well as ride.
There are even plush rocking animals available today for purchase that kids enjoy. Most of these also make animal noises and play sing-along-songs.

The wood rocking horse, as described above, is simpler in design, made primarily of wood and few extra parts.
In terms of durability and how long the toy may last, there is no question that the wooden horse wins hands down.    So if you are looking for classic design and want something that likely can be passed on through the years, the wooden horse is the way to go.




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